Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q: Is there an Official Genshin Impact Merchandise store?

A: Yes! There is an Official Genshin Impact Merch Store - this is currently based in China. If you live in China, these can be purchased through Tao Bao. For those outside of China, you will have to rely on third-party sellers, such as Genshin Adventure (this website)


Q: Are you related to Mihoyo or Genshin Impact?

A: No, we are not. But the [Official] Merchandise comes from the Genshin Impact Flagship Store in China.


Q: How does the order processing work?

A: Once the payment is confirmed, we will process the order immediately. Upon the arrival of the goods at our warehouse, we will package it neatly and safely before shipping it over to you.


Q: Why are the official items a little pricey? 

A: The base price of such merchandise are high since they are purchased from the official Genshin Impact store. The prices reflected here are as such in consideration of high shipping fees and handling costs.


Q: How are the pre-orders processed? 

A: Due to differences in pre-order timings for all of the products, your parcel will only be shipped out when the item (with the latest date) is back in stock.


Q: How long is the average shipping time? 

A: Due to COVID measures, shipments will take longer. Do expect 3-7 weeks of delivery time.


Q: What are "Fan-Made" Merchandise?

A: Fan-made merchandise are products/items made by fans of the game [NOT US]. The products that are listed as "Fan-Made" are NOT official and are sourced from the supplier themselves, which we will put inside the description of the products. 


Q: Help! I've got an issue. Where can I reach out to you?

A: You can drop us a message on Instagram for faster replies (@genshinadventure). Alternatively, feel free to email us at and our friendly customer service officers will get back to you in a timely manner. 


Q: Are you sure you can/are authorised to sell Genshin Impact merchandise?

A: There is no law that official/authentic items cannot be re-sold. All items are purchased from Mihoyo's flagship store itself, meaning that the products are official and your purchases and funds will go to and through them.