About Us

Who is Genshin Adventure?

We started Genshin Impact in 2021 - absolutely loved the game but wanted a simpler way to buy merch, cosplay and anything else Genshin Impact related.

We are a bunch of Genshin Impact enthusiasts who wanted to build a one-stop shop for all your merchandise needs - ranging from accessories, clothing, cosplay, home decor, figures and toys plus many more.

What started as a dozen products has now expanded to include hundreds, even thousands of different variations & types of products - and we are still adding more everyday!

Take your time browsing and we hope that you find something that you love.

Are we associated with Mihoyo?

No, we are not affliated with miHoYo in any way. miHoYo is the official company who created Genshin Impact. For more infomation, you can learn more here.