Adventure Rank | Overview & Levels

Adventure Rank (AR) is an account-wide progression level that is raised through Adventure EXP.

Upon reaching certain Adventure Ranks, players will be able to ascend their world to the next World Level, either automatically or by completing an Ascension Quest. When a player's World Level increases, it increases the difficulty and rewards of Monsters, Bosses, and Ley Line Outcrops.

Currently, players can go up to Adventure Rank 60 and World Level 8. Additional Adventurer's EXP then gets converted to Mora at a 1:10 ratio[1]. These limits will likely be raised in future updates.

After reaching World Level 5, the option to decrease your World Level by 1 becomes available from the World Level tool-tip on your main menu profile. Decreasing your World Level accordingly lowers the level of Ley Line Blossoms and opponents in the open world, but also decreases the rewards you gain from defeating them. Only one adjustment to your World Level is allowed within 24 hours, after changing the World Level you cannot reset it to its original value again until the timer expires. Likewise after resetting it, it can't be lowered again immediately until after the 24 hour timer.

Characters and Weapons gain EXP and ascensions independently of the player's Adventure Rank. However, their maximum ascension and level limits are determined by the player's Adventure Rank.

Joining another player's world requires having an equal (or higher) World Level than theirs.

Ascending to some AR ranks will give you Primogems.